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What's more, like Guan Yu and Ye Chen's ancestors, they ate Mao Xuewang together! Ride together! Ride a shared bike! Think It's exciting if you want to! Leaf Chen can give him the shared bicycle to use, which is already a great recognition of Guan Yu! Guan Yu nodded gently, got off the shared bike, and respectfully pushed the shared bike in front of Ye Chen! "Ye Chen's ancestors, since you're leaving, I won't stop you first!" Guan Yu knew that Ye Chen wanted to go, the immortal wanted to go, no one could stop him! And The fate of immortals can be met but not sought, not to mention that Guan Yu already has a fate with Mr. Ye Chen! And Mr. Ye Chen once said that he could meet Mr. Ye Chen at least twice in the future! Leaf Mr. Chen can predict the future, and what he says will not be false! This When Mrs. Gan and Mrs. Mi are also, two tearful, look at Ye Chen them! Originally wanted to invite Ye Chen back to the camp, a good treat,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, but now it seems that it is impossible! Leaf Chen smiled at Mrs. Gan and Mrs. Mi! Nod your head! "Watch the well!" Two Every lady is in a daze. What do you mean? However, Ye Chen had no time to explain, and directly turned over on the shared bicycle and turned the throttle! The shared bike rushed out directly! "滴滴 ! One more second to open the space channel to the main world! This The sound of the system sounds! But at the last second! In the midst of this emptiness, the voice of the system rang again in a hurry! ? "Didi system prompts!"! Urgent warning! Urgent tip! "The system found a new very urgent takeout order!"! Do you want to receive now? Leaf Chen was slightly stunned! "What is the situation?"? I have never encountered such a situation, even in the takeout order in the takeout order! "The orders of the Three Kingdoms World have not been completely completed,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and have not yet returned to the main world. In the Three Kingdoms World, we have received a new takeout order!" Ye Chen has picked up so many takeout orders, and this is the first time such a magical situation has happened! This A kind of takeout in order takeout! System! What is the situation? Leaf Morning asked about the system. “ Didi system prompts that this situation is very rare, and it is the order of the world takeout! “ It's a takeout order sent in an extremely urgent situation! You can refuse to accept it! Rejection will be directly returned to the main world, in modern society, your order will not be affected, will not produce a ticket, will not produce punishment! “ Your current Three Kingdoms World order will continue to send red envelopes and praise according to the evaluation criteria of Three Kingdoms World! If you accept this rush order! Will now be transported directly into the new universe! "Will not return to the hosting world for the time being until the emergency takeout order is completed!"! You can return to the main world! “ After returning to the main world and the modern world, the two orders are all completed. The red envelope items, rewards, five-star praise and points of the world are distributed together, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and you can get a free god-level lottery opportunity as a reward! “ I go Dun At that time, Ye Chen was slightly stunned! God Big good thing, how can I miss the god-level lottery? Want Know, what Ye Chen lacks most at present is the god-level lottery! Ye Chen will go to the world of a Chinese Ghost Story in one day! Also It is in the early morning of the second day of the main world! When Ye Chen crossed the Three Kingdoms World Order, that is, when he pretended to be Lin Chumo's boyfriend and went to the Sky City Villa to attend a banquet, it was more than 10 o'clock in the evening! That is to say, Ye Chen has only 25 hours left to go to the world of a Chinese Ghost Story! ? He felt that Ye Chen's strength was enough. It's enough to beat the soul of the Black Mountain Demon! It was enough to take out Nie Xiaoqian's urn from the black soul of the Black Mountain old demon! But Ye Chen's only worry is that he can't bring it back! Saved Xiaoqian, there is no way to bring Xiaoqian back! And If you don't take Xiaoqian, then Xiaoqian will continue to wander in the world of a Chinese Ghost Story! ? Xiaoqian is beautiful Ranked number one among the beauties I met at the night show! ? She is very dangerous in that world. ! Unless Ye Chen has a god-level reward in the lottery, he can bring the characters back to the main world! At present, Ye Chen has only one chance to upgrade the lottery, or the last time Zhao Yun gave Ye Chen! ? And now there is a chance to draw a lottery for the gods of all realms. How can Ye Chen let go? The more chances he has to draw, the more likely he is to win the card that brings back the magic character! "System!"! I accept! Send me to the new world immediately! Leaf Chen said to the system command! At this time, the black on Ye Chen's chest, the space wormhole returning to the main world suddenly closed! In front of Ye Chen, he opened another black wormhole in time and space again, and Ye Chen fell directly into it! Suddenly a flash of white light, Ye Chen disappeared in the world of the Three Kingdoms, has come to a new unknown world! And At this time, in the eyes of Guan Yu and Lady Gan and Lady Mi, Ye Chen just disappeared out of thin air, like the magic of an immortal shrinking into an inch! All three of them looked at each other with a circle on their faces. Terrible! "Terrible!" "It's terrible." “ Is this the strength of immortals? You can't mess with it! You can't mess with it! “ Go back immediately to report to the tetrarch, must pay attention to a person called Ye Chen, see this person must kneel three times and knock nine times, otherwise it will be a disaster! Facing the direction of Ye Chen's disappearance, Guan Yu knelt down heavily and kowtowed three times. Brother Yechen, I, Guan Yu, have refused to submit to heaven and earth in my life. Today I finally submit to you. If there is any need in the future, I, Guan Mou, must do my best! Never refuse to die! But at this time Ye Chen, already arrived in a brand-new world,mirror stainless steel sheet, the white light flashed, he appeared above a block! Ye Chen looked around! What kind of world is this? Chapter 698 the four great talents of Jiangnan! Ye Chen was stunned! "What is this world!?" This At that time, Ye Chen's location was in a block! This.

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